Who are we?

WINC stands for Westerkamp Services Inc.  and is owned by several Westerkamp family members.  We are a large family of almost 100% entrepreneurs; WINC is the masthead of a variety of small business endevours and has existed in some form since 2007. We incorporated in September 2009.  Management shifts from time to time in our family as our lives change and family members take different paths but WINC continues to tackle a variety of projects;

We clean things and we are good at what we do. Honesty is how we get things done but we also like to keep it light. We have excellent references and can handle commercial volume. Do you need something clean, like, really clean? We can do that!

We provide rental services such as commission based seasonal rental services and property maintenance, water testing, need your property looked after, rented out, scrubbed clean or checked in on during our looooong PEI winters? We can do that!

We are commercially insured, registered with Workers Comp PEI and file our taxes annually. 😉 Aside from the above we also tackle other projects from time to time. For quotes and information please email us at admin [at] westerkampinc [dot] com, we can send you our base rate for cleaning but prefer to do a quick site visit to give a more accurate and appropriate quote. Try it;





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